Most Durable Gaming Headsets | Rugged Ratings

The Most Durable Gaming Headset

Who wins in the battle for the best, most durable gaming headset? We’ve analyzed which gaming headphone models are the most used amongst the biggest and highest-earning pro gamers in the world.

Refurbished Electronics - Rugged Ratings

The Complete Guide to Buying Refurbished Electronics

Fortunately, there has been rising momentum in the purchase of refurbished, renewed, and pre-owned electronics as a solution to those problems. You get perfectly functional tech at a significantly cheaper price point, and as a result reduce your e-waste at the same time.


BIFL – What is ‘Buy it for Life’ and is it worth it?

BIFL (‘Buy it for Life’) is the consumer philosophy of mindfully choosing to purchase high-quality products that are built with durability and longevity in mind over cheaper items that are prone to breakdown.

Toughest Military Laptops | RUGGED RATINGS

The Toughest Military Grade Laptops

It’s much wiser to shell out a few extra bucks for a more rugged notebook that you’ll be able to throw in backpacks, spill drinks over, and drop off your desk without concern for losing your precious data or buying expensive repairs.

The 5 Best Military Grade Tents | RUGGED RATINGS

The 5 Best Military Grade Tents in 2021

Using a tent that’s built to military specification protects you, your friends and teammates, your gear, and best of all – means that you probably won’t have to buy another tent ever again.

Razer blade top view

Is the Razer Blade 15 worth it?

While we love products that are built to serious standards of durability, this Razer laptop does not make any ‘extreme rugged’ claims, so we won’t be reviewing it as such. We will however look at how it stacks up in toughness compared to similar models.

lapg edc items from lapd

Essential EDC items from the LAPD

Fortunately, you don’t have to join the LAPD ranks to benefit from some of the EDC gear and tools they use. The products vetted by law enforcement officers and military personnel are available online through verified suppliers like the LAPG, a law enforcement supplies and police officer equipment store.

Military Grade Flip Phone | RUGGED RATINGS

The Best Military Grade Flip Phones

The flip design makes the phones uniquely well-positioned for all types of active military service people, extreme activity enthusiasts, explorers, and adventurers. Not to mention that, when flipping the phone down into a closed position, you effectively reduce its size by 50%, which will be a great asset in combat zones where provisions need to be compact and easily stored.

Toughest Watches | RUGGED RATINGS

The Toughest Watches in 2021

Tough watches are often designed with specific disciplines, activities, or groups of people in mind such as deep-water diving, piloting an aircraft, or being a Navy SEAL.

Most Durable Keyboard | Rugged Ratings

The Most Durable Keyboards

What’s the ‘right’ amount of money to pay for a keyboard for your intended purpose? Will paying a certain amount guarantee high-quality performance and reliability for years to come, or are there deals to be found where you can receive superior quality for a lower price?