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Reviewing the Top 5 most durable jump ropes [2024 edition].

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Last Updated on Feb-11-2024. Added more answers in the FAQ section.

At a glance…

Our first recommendation for the Best Jump Rope for Outdoors goes to…Crossrope Get Strong Set. Insanely expensive? Yes, it is! But with the Fast Clip Connection, you can change your rope weight quickly and easily. Its durable premium handles are easy to grip and backed by a lifetime warranty. The superior rope durability makes it jump-on-any-surface tough. The Fun Workout Access is a new app with workouts created by fitness experts, celebrities, and athletes.

However, if you’re not into the high price of Crossrope and are unwilling to be stuck in an ecosystem, we recommend Jump N’ Rope R3 Resistance Rope. This beaded skipping rope designed by a 5-time world champ is guaranteed for life. The R3 resistance rope is really versatile! You can use it in your routine to begin or end, improve your rope jumping technique, your tricks as well as cardio output. Plus it can be used on any surface – no excuses!

Most Durable
Crossrope Get Strong Set
  • Perfect for: Strength and athletic training
Best for Advanced Jumpers
Jump N’ Rope R3 Resistance Rope
  • Perfect for: Freestyle jump rope competitors
Best for Beginners
Elite SRS Fit+
  • Perfect for: General-use rope suitable for all skill levels

You may not see it in the gym all too often, but there’s plenty of reasons the highest performing athletes of all kinds consider jumping rope to be one of the most impactful full-body exercises out there.

Combat sports athletes like boxers and MMA fighters jump rope as a core part of their training, as well as track and field athletes, basketball and NFL players, swimmers, dancers, CrossFit enthusiasts, and even weightlifters.

But what makes jumping rope (or ‘skipping’) so effective as an exercise?

Precision beats power and timing beats speed.

– Conor McGregor, two-division MMA Champion –

Well, not only is it a full-body aerobic workout, but you can also benefit from increased coordination, rhythm & timing, better posture, higher-intensity fat-burning, better endurance, and even injury prevention and bone-density conditioning.

Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, was even bypassing the Olympic rules to keep his jump-rope routine [1]. All boxers jump rope regularely[2]. Two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor once proclaimed after defeating Jose Aldo in just 13 seconds that “precision beats power and timing beats speed” [3]. Many combat sports athletes, attribute their own precision and timing also to the massively underrated workout of jumping rope. 

So, even (and, perhaps, especially) if you’re just a regular Joe, you’d be missing out on some serious athletic gains if you don’t jump rope as part of your routine.

Which begs the question, what’s the best jump rope out there? Are there any jump rope features to look out for, and what’s the best jump rope for you?


How to choose the best jump rope for you in 5 steps

If you’re new to jump rope, skipping rope, or whatever they call it on your side of the pond, you might be surprised to learn that there’s a huge range of variables that go into selecting the ‘right’ rope for you.

Factors like your height, the rope’s weight, handle construction and more alter the effectiveness of the workout. And your training goals matter, too — certain ropes are better-suited than others for fat-loss compared to conditioning, coordination to improving posture, etc.

So, to ensure you get the best jump rope for you, go through our list of key variables below and make a note of what seems right for your needs.

Choosing jump rope length based on your height (step 1 of 5)

If your rope is too short, you won’t have the necessary clearance to make the jumps, which can actually lead to worse posture due to hunching. Too long and it’ll drag on the ground, slowing down your pace. So, you definitely want to get this right.

Thankfully, it isn’t rocket science — check the below conversion chart to find the perfect jump rope length based on your height:

– Editor’s note – These are generic tables. Most of the brands have their own specific “Sizing Guide” so be sure to check that as well.

Jump Rope Length Based on Height (Imperial System)

Jump Rope Length Based on Height (Metric System)

Choosing jump rope thickness (step 2 of 5)

Rope thickness affects a few important variables with jumping rope.

Firstly, more thickness usually suggests a heavier rope, which is important for some athletes — particularly Muay Thai fighters, who traditionally rely on heavier ropes to build up strength and endurance in their shoulders, offering more punching power.

Typical ropes are between 0.08-0.16inch (2-4mm) in thickness, which is best suited for conditioning, fat loss, endurance, and speed jump roping, thanks to the minimal air resistance allowing you to jump quicker and longer.

Jump ropes between 0.35-0.47inch (9-12mm) in thickness are best suited to arm and shoulder strength training, posture correction, and bone-conditioning/injury prevention, and therefore perfect for Muay Thai fighters, boxers, and MMA fighters.

Choosing jump rope material (step 3 of 5)

There’s a wide range of materials bases for skipping ropes, all with various advantages and drawbacks.

This is also the biggest variable in terms of the price of the jump rope, so if you have a pre-determined budget, it’ll be a useful variable for narrowing down your choice.

The basic jump rope material is fiber. These are on the heavier end and less suited to outdoor use, as they absorb water and tear easily, but they’re also typically the cheapest.

jump rope fiber material 561 x 561

Then you have the beaded jump rope, which is designed to provide clear acoustic feedback on your rhythm and tempo, which makes them great for beginners. Interestingly, they’re also used by advanced trickers and freestylers in jumping competitions for the same reason.

jump rope beaded plastic material 561 x 561

Leather is another option, representing a step-up in price and quality, but do note that any mistakes you make will be painfully imprinted on your body due to their thickness and density. The leather jump rope is Not for beginners.

jump rope leather material 561 x 561

Then, you have plastic or PVC cord ropes. These are the most common type and vary widely in price. The quality of the plastic will determine how well it can hold up to concrete scrapes, but generally, you’ll want to use these for indoor environments. 

jump rope plastic material 561 x 561

Finally, for the more seasoned jump roper, you have steel cable or steel wire ropes. Don’t worry, the steel is usually encased in plastic, so you won’t risk slashing open any skin if you mess up your timing. But these things are fast and lightweight — perfect for doing tricks like double-jumping and endurance training.

jump rope steel wire material 561 x 561

Choosing jump rope handle (step 4 of 5)

Then you have the jump rope handle, which varies in thickness and weight. 

You’ll want to choose handle thickness based on the size of your hands, with the standard 4-inch (10cm) handles suitable for smaller hands, going up to 6-7-inch (15-18cm) handles for larger hands.

The handle also presents an opportunity to add resistance, as in the case of weighted handles, favored by combat sports and CrossFit athletes.

Choosing jump rope mechanism (step 5 of 5)

This is the way in which the rope is connected to the handle, and it has a significant effect on the fluidity and ease of the swing.

Most inexpensive jump ropes have the standard rope-through-handle connection, but specialty ropes sometimes offer 90-degree AND / OR ball-bearing handles for smoother rotations.

So, with that said, what kind of jump ropes will make our list?

Well, given we’re interested in durable ropes for outdoor use, we’ll include medium thickness beaded or high-quality PVC ropes with variable handle weights and regular or ideally ball-bearing/90-degree handles.


Our BIFL Criteria for Choosing and Scoring the Ropes

Above all though, our picks will meet one or many of the factors considered in our coveted Buy It For Life system.

In the context of jumping ropes, that means we’ll exclusively select products that are…

  • Rugged: 50% weight of total score — Cord materials resistant to scrapes with rough terrain, tough impact-resistant handles, and robust rope/handle connections.
  • Repairable: 20% weight of total score — Jump ropes with generous warranties or servicing options and replaceable parts.
  • Upgradable: 15% weight of total score — Customizable rope lengths and/or materials.
  • Multipurpose: 15% weight of total score — Ropes that are suited to many workout types or handles where additional weight can be added.

And with that… let’s ‘jump’ in 🙂

Elite SRS Fit+ — Most durable beginner jump rope

Elite SRS fit+ Jump Rope - Best durable for beginners
Elite SRS fit+ Jump Rope – Best durable for beginners | Image Credit: amazon com

8.0out of 10


Elite SRS takes their jump ropes seriously, and we love them for it.

With a broad range of ropes suited for every type of jumper out there, we thought it made sense to start with the Fit+, quite possibly the perfect ‘all-rounder’ jump rope.

This is an adjustable length, 4mm (0.16inch) string-core cord jump rope with 8” (20cm) long handles at 0.9” (2.3cm) in diameter. The generous handle length allows users to adjust their grip to their preferred distance to the rope, and also allows trickers and freestylers to easily perform ‘release’ moves on the fly.

The Elite SRS Fit+ also features a snap/lock system that allows users to quickly customize the 10ft (3m) cord length according to their height, so you won’t have to worry about picking the right size.

Elite SRS Fit+ snap-lock mechanism | Image Courtesy of
Elite SRS Fit+ snap-lock mechanism | Image Courtesy of

With a broad range of color options at a super reasonable price point, this is a great value rope for beginners.

Durability | Elite SRS Fit+

One of our favorite things about this model, and Elite SRS as a company, is the dedication to durability.

The cord is made from tough PVC that’s suitable for indoor and outdoor use on rough surfaces, and the handles are from an ‘ultra-durable’ plastic that they describe as “unbreakable”.

While we were dubious about this claim at first, a quick look at this video of them dropping, slamming, and even running over the handles with a forklift erased any concerns.

Elite SRS also offers replacement parts for both the cord and the handles, and each rope comes with a 30-day workmanship warranty for refund, repair, or replacement.

Specs | Elite SRS Fit+
● Length: 10’0″ (305cm).
● Handle: Plastic . 8″ long | 1oz weight (each handle) | .9″ diameter at end | low profile grip tape
● Cord Material: 4mm PVC.
● Notable Features: Snap/lock system for resizing.
  • Durable materials
  • Replacement parts available
  • Adjustable cord length
  • Lightweight, so not suitable for strength exercises

PRICE: Around $15

PERFECT FOR: General-use rope suitable for all skill levels

No products found.

Crossrope Get Strong Set — Most durable jump rope for athletes

Crossrope Get Strong set - Most durable jump rope for athletes
Crossrope Get Strong set – Most durable jump rope for athletes | Image Credit: amazon com

9.8out of 10


You can think of Crossrope like the ‘Apple’ of the jump rope market.

Everything’s expensive, some of their practices exist only to squeeze more money out of you, and you’re encouraged to live exclusively in the brand ecosystem. But, like Apple, they make up for these transgressions with a pretty consistently great product.

Crossrope sells their jump ropes in ‘sets’ – handles, multiple ropes, and carry case.

The Get Strong set is a weighted jump rope targeted towards athletes like fighters and CrossFit enthusiasts and consists of x2 weighted cords of 1 and 2lbs (454g and 907g), a set of ‘power handles’, and access to the training app.

We love the ‘fast clip’ system, which makes detaching and attaching the handles to the variably-weighted ropes simple and fast.

Crossrope Fast Clip System | Image Courtesy of
Crossrope Fast Clip System | Image Courtesy of

The handles are weighty and grippy with precision steel bearings for super-smooth swings. 

Durability | Crossrope Get Strong Set

For the price point, we should expect nothing less than a lifetime of use out of this set, which is quite possible given its design.

A proprietary coating on both the Get Strong cords makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and they’re so confident in their handles that they back every purchase with a lifetime warranty. The ropes have only a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, however.

Owing to the ‘set’ system, you can also purchase replacement parts for ropes or handles, but expect another price bump when you’re not buying a full set.

Specs | Crossrope Get Strong Set
● Length: 8’0″ to 9′.6″ (244cm to 290cm). They have also extra small lenghts – check their sizing guide.
● Handle: Steel.
● Cord Material: Steel with proprietary coating.
● Notable Features: Adjustable 1/2lb weights, proprietary app to guide and improve your workouts.
  • Adjustable rope weight for resistance workouts
  • Speedy switching system
  • Excellent steel bearing mechanism for smooth swings
  • The most expensive on the market
  • Have to purchase as a set

PRICE: Around $150

PERFECT FOR: Strength and athletic training

Crossrope Get Strong Set - Weighted Jump Rope- 1...
  • First weighted jump rope system built to help you achieve your strength, endurance, and fitness...
  • Custom workout app gives you access to hundreds of fast and effective workouts wherever you go (iOS...
  • Fast-clip connection system lets you switch between a range of heavy ropes for a more fun and...
  • Durable weighted ropes make it easier for beginners to learn. No coiling or tangling.
  • Online community of over 80,000 jumpers will keep you motivated and inspired.

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Jump N’ Rope R3 Resistance Rope — Most durable jump rope for advanced jumpers

Jumpnrope R3 resistance beaded - Most durable jump rope for advanced jumpers
Most durable jump rope for advanced jumpers | Image Credit: Jumpnrope com

8.4out of 10


Who can you trust to produce a rope that perfectly meets the needs of competing freestyle and trick jumpers?

Well, how about 5-time Jump Rope World Champion Molly Metz?

The Jump N’ Rope R3 Resistance rope is designed specifically for rope jumping competition fundamentals – form, timing, and technique.

It’s a beaded rope that’s both light and slow so you can feel the transfer of energy from your shoulders to your wrist, receiving acoustic feedback with each swing to perfect your form.

There are multiple handle length choices between 4.5″ and 6.75″ (11.4cm and 17.1cm), and you can adjust the rope length on the fly by removing beads, which are broadly color-customizable.

Molly Mets shows how to resize and adjust your R3 rope

Durability | Jump N’ Rope R3 Resistance Rope

Described as “100% outdoor friendly”, the 120 1” (2.5cm) plastic beads can tolerate all manner of rough surfaces. The handles are made from ‘ultra-durable’ nylon, and the bearing system offers robust, friction-free swings.

This is also the only rope on the list that has a lifetime warranty for all parts — handles, cord, and beads. If you break it, they’ll replace it for free. We are big fans of that policy.

Specs | Jump N’ Rope R3 Resistance Rope
● Length: 10’0″ adjustable.
● Handle: Plastic. Comes in 3 length versions: Long – 6.75″ FLEXY | Regular – 4.5″ | Long – 6.75″.
● Cord Material: Beaded plastic with lots of customizable colors for the beads. It comes with beads unassembled
● Notable Features: Lifetime warranty.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Frictionless bearing system
  • Bead design offers precise feedback on timing
  • Comes unassembled
  • Slow to adjust length

PRICE: Around $30

PERFECT FOR: Freestyle jump rope competitors

RPM Session4 — Most durable steel cable jump rope

RPM session 4 - Most durable steel cable jump rope
RPM session 4 – Most durable steel cable jump rope | Image Credit: amazon com

7.7out of 10


While steel is usually a reliably durable material in most other gear and tech products, that’s not exactly the case with skipping ropes. With the number of reps you’ll be putting your rope through, the metal will certainly wear in a matter of months. But that’s not a good reason to ignore steel cable ropes altogether.

The RPM Session4 is an iconic rope in the jump rope community. With a focus on minimalistic design and simple but robust engineering, this model makes a good choice for training, traveling, and competing in equal measure.

The 90-degree dual-bearing system makes for possibly the smoothest swing on the market, and their patented dual-axis rotation system supposedly reduces torque build-up in the cable.

Rope Sizing and Adjusting for RPM4 | Image Courtesy of
Rope Sizing and Adjusting for RPM4 | Image Courtesy of

Durability | RPM Session4

The handles are precision-machined aluminum, which is knurled for a solid grip. These things are tough, and they come with a 5-year warranty to prove it.

The rope itself is 12ft (3.7m) long, adjustable via cable-cutter clipping, and is covered with a plastic coating if you want to use it outdoors — be careful, though, it’ll wear down on rougher surfaces, exposing the bare cable. You can purchase replacement coating for $6.

Specs | RPM Session4
● Length: 12’0″ adjustable.
● Handle: Aluminum.
● Cord Material: Steel with PVC coating.
● Notable Features: Knurled handles and reinforced stem. Engraving options.
  • Super-smooth dual-axis 90-degree bearings
  • ‘Virtually indestructible’ aluminum handles with a 5-year warranty
  • Color customizable with engraving options
  • Not ideal for repeated outdoor use
  • Painful punishment of mistakes due to the metal

PRICE: Around $65

PERFECT FOR: High-rep indoor (and occasionally outdoor) jumpers doing conditioning and endurance training

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Rush Athletics Speed Rope (or ‘Money Rope’) — Most durable jump rope on a budget

Rush Athletics Speed Rope - Most durable jump rope on a budget
Rush Athletics Speed Rope – Most durable jump rope on a budget | Image Credit: amazon com

6.0out of 10


Sometimes it’s best to keep things simple. And that’s what the RA Money Rope does, at a price point that you might not believe (or which you find to be “normal”).

With a straight-forward, inline ‘rope-through-handle’ design, this rope is adored by professionals and considered to be the best-value jump rope on the market. You can adjust the 10 or 11ft (305 or 335cm) rope length quickly and easily by pulling the cord through the handles, and the lightweight materials make transitioning from ‘double unders’ to side swings easy and fluid.

Durability | Rush Athletics Speed Rope

Made from PVC vinyl, the cord of the RA Speed Rope is durable and always tangle-free. While a rough concrete surface would certainly give it a run for its money, smoother outdoor surfaces will reduce wear and increase the lifespan of your rope. At this price point, though, you may not be too concerned.

Specs | Rush Athletics Speed Rope
● Length: 10’0″ or 11’0″ (3.05m/3.35m) adjustable.
● Handle: Plastic.
● Cord Material: Plastic or Licorice 5mm.
● Notable Features: Color variations and special editions.
  • Simple adjustable design
  • PVC vinyl cord material is lightweight and durable
  • Low drag co-efficient for high-speed jumping
  • Can’t use on extremely rough surfaces
  • Not weight-adjustable

PRICE: Around $20.00

PERFECT FOR: Speed-jumping and tricking indoors, or on smooth outdoor surfaces

RUSH ATHLETICS SPEED ROPE - Skipping Rope, Best...
  • Also known as 'The Money Rope': As seen on YouTube: RUSH ATHLETICS TV
  • 11ft (3.35m) Adjustable speed rope
  • 5mm thick vinyl pvc rope
  • Ergonomic, lightweight handle design to allow superior control
  • Comes complete with instructions to help you get started

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Comparison Table

To easily compare all the ropes featured on our list, we’ve put together a comparison table with all the key features and metrics to help you find your perfect jump rope.

ProductFeaturesRUGGED RATINGSPrice
Most Durable
Crossrope Get Strong Set

Crossrope Get Strong Set

  • Length: 8'0" up to 9'6" (244cm up to 290cm)
  • Handle: Steel
  • Connection: Proprietary ‘Fast-clip’ connection
  • Cord Material: Steel with a proprietary coating
  • Notable Features: Adjustable 1/2lb weights
Check Latest Price
Best for Advanced Jumpers
Jump N’ Rope R3 Resistance Rope

Jump N’ Rope R3 Resistance Rope

  • Length: 10'0" (305cm)
  • Handle: Plastic
  • Connection: 90-degree Standard
  • Cord Material: Beaded plastic
  • Notable Features: Lifetime warranty
Check Latest Price
Best for Beginners
Elite SRS Fit+

Elite SRS Fit+

  • Length: 10'0" (305cm)
  • Handle: Plastic
  • Connection: Standard
  • Cord Material: PVC
  • Notable Features: Snap/lock system for resizing
Check Latest Price
RPM Session4

RPM Session4

  • Length: 12'0" (366cm)
  • Handle: Aluminum
  • Connection: 90-degree Dual-Axis
  • Cord Material: Steel with PVC coating
  • Notable Features: Knurled handles and reinforced stem
Check Latest Price
Rush Athletics Speed Rope (or ‘Money Rope’)

Rush Athletics Speed Rope (or ‘Money Rope’)

  • Length: 10'0" up to 11'0" (305cm up to 335cm)
  • Handle: Plastic
  • Connection: Standard
  • Cord Material: PVC vinyl
  • Notable Features: Color variations and special editions
Check Latest Price

Rugged Ratings’ recommendation

There we have it.

The most durable jump ropes for outdoor use on the market in 2021.

If you have a specific use or training type in mind, the best jump rope for you has probably already revealed itself. But we appreciate truly rugged design, versatility, customizability, and longevity in our products. And on that basis, we can make two recommendations.

First, we’d suggest taking a look at the Crossrope Get Strong Set. We know — the price isn’t pretty; this was the sole reason it didn’t get a 100% score. But considering the materials used, the choice of weight, and the uniqueness of a steel-corded, coated jump rope that’s also suitable for outdoor use, we think it’s probably worth the investment. It may be the last jump rope you ever have to buy.

– Editor’s note – You might be tempted to buy this item in the hope that spending a lot of money on it would motivate you to exercise regularly. If you’re just starting, don’t fall for this trap. Motivation is unreliable; it comes and goes. Instead, try to gradually build your habit (read Atomic Habits if you want to get better at building habits). I would just buy a cheaper rope and use it almost every day for three weeks, then go for the premium one.

But if that doesn’t do it for you, take another look at the Jump N’ Rope R3 Resistance Rope. As a beaded option, durability is at the forefront. Not that it needs to be — if you break it, they’ll send you a replacement, no questions asked. Designed by a genuine legend in the jump roping scene, this is perfect for advanced trickers and freestylers, which is pretty amazing given its price point, which is just shy of $30.


What are the benefits of jumping rope?

The benefits of jumping or skipping the rope are:
– better balance
– better coordination / timing
– increased flexibility
– increased agility
– better speed
– higher cardiovascular endurance / stamina
– increased muscular endurance

Why do boxers jump rope?

Boxers jump rope to strengthen their hands, feet, legs, and cardiovascular system. Jumping rope is also very good to improve timing and rhythm which are crucial when you practice any combat sport.

What is the best jump rope workout?

It depends…on what you want to achieve. If you are an untrained person or a beginner, then do all 10 rounds of the basic jump rope routine. After that, you can increase the number of rounds you do by one round for each week you train.
Here’s what you do: Start with two rounds of 10 jumps each. Then, do as many rounds of 20 jumps as you can. Continue up to 50 rounds. Then, stop and rest for a few minutes. Repeat this process three more times.

What are the best shoes for jumping rope?

It doesn’t matter what kind of shoes you wear as long as they have a good, solid, non-slip sole. You could research this topic for another hour on Google, or you can just grab your current sports shoes RIGHT NOW, take a jump rope, and go burn some calories.

More FAQs

What to consider when choosing a jump rope?

Five vital steps to choosing a suitable jump rope are:

  • jump rope length
  • jump rope thickness 
  • jump rope material 
  • jump rope handle
  • jump rope mechanism 

Does it matter what jump rope you use?

Yes. It’s not about the brand. It’s about the quality. A durable, high-quality rope will bring you the best jumping experience. 

Is it fine to jump rope every day?

The short answer is yes! Our advice is to jump every day, but to keep a low frequency. “Over” is never better.

Are leather skipping ropes better?

A leather jump rope is heavier and provides a slower swing speed than a lighter rope. Beginners should use it carefully since it might injure them.

Is a jump rope mat worth it?

The best jump rope mat will protect your ropes from wear and tear while also preventing injuries like shin splints.

What is cord material jump rope best?

It depends on what you desire. There are many materials, like fiber (lowest price), plastic or PVC cord ropes (perfect for indoor use), and leather (heavier) is another premium option. We prefer leather and heavier materials as they also work your arms.

How many minutes of jump rope equals a mile?

It depends on your jumping frequency but, roughly, a minute of rope jumping equals a mile of running.

Can you jump rope on any surface?

No. You don’t want to hurt yourself by jumping on glass or fragile surfaces. The best place for jumping is a floor that provides a little elasticity. That relaxes your joints and helps you jump longer.

What size jump rope do I need?

The ideal rope length is your height plus 2.5 -3 ft. For example, if you are 6ft, your rope should be 8.5-9ft long.

What jump rope is suitable for concrete?

Jumping on concrete for a long time might be bad for your joints. But if you have no choice, it is better to have a mat as a supporter. For a matching rope, we recommend the Crossrope. With its durability, Crossrope allows you to jump on any surface.

Your feedback, corrections, angry or happy thoughts are welcome here.

What to check next: The Most Durable Fitness Tracker. In this article, we are only concentrating on focussed fitness and health tracking watches. If they have the nifty features of smartwatches, such as messaging, payment, or pizza ordering, then great! More money saved down the line by getting two products for the price of one.

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