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The latest tactical everyday carry products for law enforcement officers [2022 edition].

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What is EDC?
If you don’t already know, EDC (Every-Day-Carry) is the list of extremely useful and often versatile gear to keep by your side wherever your adventures take you, including items like penknives, wallets, multitools, flashlights, lighters, firearms, holsters, and more. Not only do they often turn out to be incredibly handy in everyday contexts, but could also become life-saving instruments in more serious situations. EDC has become a popular talking point for everyone from outdoors people and survivalists to military personnel and law enforcement officers.

So, we thought we’d take a look at the top EDC items used by the officers that make up one of the largest police departments in the US ­– the LAPD.

A short background on the LAPD

The Los Angeles Police Department is the third-largest police municipality in the United States, covering an area that includes almost 4 million residents.

With significant policing demands, a high crime rate, and a diverse set of potentially dangerous situations occurring every day, the LAPD is a good resource for perfecting an offensive/defensive EDC for anyone involved in combative situations.

Officially issued LAPD equipment varies based on the particular subdivision, but covers everything from firearms, mounted units, air support, and off-road enforcement, to underwater diving, bomb units, and SWAT assignments.

If you’re interested in joining the LAPD, you can head over to their recruitment website to find out more info.


Fortunately, you don’t have to join their ranks to benefit from some of the tactical gear and tools they use every day.

The products vetted by law enforcement officers and military personnel are available to purchase online through verified suppliers like the LAPG, a law enforcement supplies and police officer equipment store.

And since they are used by the one of the largest and most active police departments in the US and the World, you can be sure that not only are they going to be fit for purpose, but also suitably rugged and long-lasting.

EDC items for police officers

So, let’s run through the best and most exciting new EDC products from the world of law enforcement.

We picked all the featured products based on their overall utility, ability to handle a typical LAPD officer duty, rugged features, potential for longevity, and cool-factor.

Let’s begin with our first category – knives.

EDC Knife

la police gear survivalist neck knife with sheath
LA Police Gear Survivalist Neck Knife with Sheath

A solid pocket knife is an essential item for any EDC enthusiast.

Not only are they valuable combat and survival tools, they’re also surprisingly useful around the house for opening packages and home maintenance.

You can check out our full pocket knife rundown, where we review the most durable buy-it-for-life pocket knives on the market.

For now, though, we turn our attention to the LA Police Gear Survivalist Neck Knife with Sheath, a compact 6.75” fixed blade knife that makes a perfect companion to outdoor assignments.

The Tanto blade makes this small and unassuming knife perfect for penetrating materials, so you’ll be able to get quick access to wounds by easily cutting through fabrics in emergency situations.

As for safety and durability, the blade steel is composed of strong Black 3CR13 Steel which has been oxidized for even better impact resistance. The handle is made from cord for a strong and comfortable grip, and the knife comes with a tough nylon fiber sheath for safety when the blade needs to remain retracted.

This is a solid all-around law enforcement blade that won’t take long to pay for itself in usefulness.

PRICE: Around $20

PERFECT FOR: Everyone who frequently needs to cut and penetrate fabrics and materials, including emergency workers or handymen.

LA Police Gear Tactical Rescue EDC Folding...
  • 8Cr14MoV steel blade
  • Ambidextrous Opening with thumb opening or finger tab
  • Measures 8.25" open
  • Measures 5" closed
  • Measures 0.5" thick (0.7" at pocket clip)

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EDC Wallet

LAPG heros pride tri fold ballistic badge wallet with id window and credit card slots
Hero’s pride Tri-Fold Ballistic Badge Wallet with id Window and Credit Card Slots

You know that moment on TV shows where the undercover officer whips out their wallet, revealing his badge and identity as a cop to the perp’?

The Hero’s Pride Tri-Fold Ballistic Badge Wallet with ID Window & Credit Card Slots is the wallet used for exactly that.  

The tri-fold design allows space to fit most police and security detail badges in the center, which is then enveloped by the two outer folds in the pocketed position and covered by a small flap of material to cover your identity even when using your wallet for purchases.

But, when the moment calls for it, you’ll be ready!

Storage and deployment of your badge is not only really cool but actually an essential part of law enforcement identification practice, so don’t miss this part of your EDC.

It also has a transparent pocket for your civilian ID card, as well as ample slots for cash and credit cards.  

PRICE: Under $20

PERFECT FOR: Any law enforcement officer who needs to have proper identification at the ready.

Tri-Fold Ballistic Badge Holder, Wallet w/ID...
  • ID Window with Credit Cards Slots
  • Ballistic nylon type material with velcro
  • Money section. Detachable badge holder
  • Same day shipping. Ships from California
  • Badge is not included in this listing

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EDC Sunglasses

la police gear core edc sunglasses
LA Police Gear core EDC Sunglasses

When you get dry and very sunny weather pretty much every month of the year, a good pair of sunglasses isn’t just a fashion accessory–it’s an essential tool for clear visibility in harsh conditions.

So, all LAPD officers need a reliable pair of sunglasses that have decent sun protection as well as a sturdy build quality to withstand being bent, crushed, and dropped.

For the most durable general-purpose and Rx-able (prescription) eyeglass frames, you’re definitely going to want to see our article on the most durable eyeglass frames.

But if you’re cruising through Los Angeles, the LA Police Gear Core EDC Sunglasses are your best and perhaps most affordable option.

Thanks to their tough polycarbonate reinforced frames with scratch resistance, this pair meets the ANSI Z87.1 [1] standard, meaning they sufficiently protect the user from one of the following hazards:

  • low-velocity blunt impact (flying fragments)
  • heat (hot sparks or high-temp exposure)
  • dust

They also offer 100% UVA/UVB protection thanks to the UV400 lens material.

PRICE: Around $25

PERFECT FOR: A Los Angeles police officer, or any law enforcement officer who works consistently in bright environments.


LAPG tactical bail out gear bag
Tactical Bail-Out Gear Bag

A backpack, shoulder bag, or waist bag is the foundation of a good EDC collection, being the piece that will probably store most if not all of your other EDC goods.

When it comes to law enforcement, however, a simple backpack just isn’t going to cut it.

You’re going to need something that gives a little more attention to built quality. For that, we recommend checking out the Tactical Bail Out Gear Bag.

This product was designed specifically for the needs of the LAPD, and is used today by officers in the San Jose and San Francisco P.D., as well as the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.

It’s also America’s #1 selling all-purpose tactical bag, and for good reason.

The carry-bag is constructed from strong 600D nylon with a protective inner polyester lining, and high-quality corrosion-resistant zippers to offer maximum protection for your contents.

The main compartment is big enough to store iPads and small laptops, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

The Bail Out Bag features two side pockets that can fit communication devices like walkie-talkies or gun magazines, two slots for pens and one for a small multitool, a zipped pouch for valuables, and finally a hidden pocket to securely store a small firearm.

You’ll never be caught without your most important pieces of EDC equipment with the Bail Out Bag, an absolute essential at an affordable price-point.

PRICE: Around $27

PERFECT FOR: Any and all EDC enthusiasts who carry lots of gear to tactical excursions.

LA Police Gear Tactical Nylon Bail Out Gear Range...
  • Large side zippered pocket for wallet, passport, keys and other valuables.
  • Four accessory pockets for gun magazines, etc with adjustable hook and loop closures.
  • The bag measures approximately 16" x 11" x 6.5" externally (15" x 10.5" x 6" internally)
  • Padded Removable Shoulder Strap INCLUDED.
  • Polyester lining to protect your delicate items from scratching

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EDC Flashlight

LAPG f6 1092 mw uv led flashlight
F6 1092 MV UV Led Flashlight

While the sun does shine most of the time out in LA, unfortunately, most crime happens at night.

So, a good flashlight should be next up on your law enforcement EDC list.

A policing flashlight needs to do a couple of different things that most flashlights don’t. Firstly, a UV light is preferred as it can reveal bodily fluids that might be important to an investigation or to reveal a fake ID. Second, it needs to be tough and long-lasting, resistant to common hazards. Finally, as you might imagine, it needs to be bright!

A product that ticks all of these boxes and then some is the F6 1092 MW UV LED Flashlight.

They’ve really thought of everything with this piece. Firstly, it’s incredibly durable. Made from anodized Aluminum, this flashlight is MIL-spec rated for a drop resistance of 2m. It is also IPX-8 water-resistant [2], meaning it is watertight and can thus be submerged underwater continuously at certain depths.

It also has anti-roll housing, meaning when dropped it’s not going to slip too far out of your reach, and it’s pocket-carry sized for maximum portability.

With a max output of 1092MW, it shines brightly, with four brightness settings to choose from. The battery offers a runtime of 40 hours on the lowest brightness output and 5 hours for the highest.

As the cherry on top, this EDC flashlight doubles up as a power bank that can charge your phone and other devices in a pinch.

PRICE: Around $55

PERFECT FOR: Police officers and those who work in low-light environments.

EDC Multitool

Part of the attraction of EDC items is getting the most use out of the smallest devices or fewest number of resources.

In this regard, the multitool is the holy grail of EDC items. A multitool is simply any device that packs multiple tools that would typically be sold as individual items into one unit that usually folds into a compact form.   

Check out the Conquest Carabiner Multitool for a good example of this. It packs a healthy 9 tools into one sturdy device, which include:

  • Long Nose Pliers
  • Regular Pliers
  • Wire Cutters
  • Plain Edge Knife
  • Wood Saw
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Bottle Opener
  • Carabiner Clip
  • Cut File

This tool can be attached to a lanyard, backpack zipper, D-ring, or belt loop so it’s always in reach when you need it. With high-end Swiss Army Knives often going for $100+, this is a bit of a steal for the amount of function it carries.

PRICE: Around $10

PERFECT FOR: Budget-conscious EDC enthusiasts.

EDC Notebook

5ive star gear weatherproof 3 x 5 notebook 2
5ive Star Gear Weatherproof 3″ x 5″ notebook

You might think that notebooks are used only by old-school detective types, but they’re actually very handy for cops for capturing important information on the scene of a case from a victim or suspect.

But paper is flimsy and subject to water damage, which makes it difficult to preserve and use when you need it most.

Fortunately, weatherproof notebooks exist for this very reason.

Like the 5ive Star Gear Weatherproof 3″ X 5″ Notebook, a small notebook that features durable paper that repels water, preserving the writing on it even when wet!

At 3×5 inches, it’s compact enough to be stored in most pockets and features a heavy plastic cover to protect the paper.

PRICE: Around $2.0

PERFECT FOR: Police detectives, private investigators.


lapg aluminum pen with glass breaker
LAPG Aluminum Pen With Glass Breaker

Ok, you’ve got your notebook ready to go, now you need something to write on it with.

We recommend this Aluminum Pen with Glass-Breaker from the LAPG store.

This feels and writes just like any other ballpoint pen, but the craftsmanship has been leveled up to create a much tougher writing device that should outlast standard plastic pens with ease.

Made from T6061 aircraft Aluminum alloy [3], it’s high-strength enough to survive droppings without feeling too heavy in the hand. You can use most ballpoint ink cartridges to refill the ink when you need to.

A pretty neat feature unique to this pen that law enforcement officers will love is the Tungsten Carbide glass-breaker tip, which you can use to shatter car windows to either rescue someone or apprehend a criminal, depending on the situation.

PRICE: Under $10

PERFECT FOR: Emergency workers and anyone who may one day be trapped in a car!

EDC Belt

falcon 1.5inch shooter’s belt
Falcon 1.5 inch Shooter’s Belt

You might think of a belt as an important safety item for your firearms, as not everyone in the gun community swears by them.

But the fact is, whether you’re a police officer, recreational shooter, or doing concealed carry, a gun belt is a non-negotiable component of your safety and the safety of those around you. 

Good shooter belts are made from strong material but most importantly have a well-crafted and durable buckle and release system. This minimizes the chances of your belt (and your gun) slipping down in a combat situation, or even when idle.

The Falcon 1.5inch Shooter’s Belt ticks the right boxes in this regard.

The belt material itself is made from tough nylon, which recreational shooters often prefer thanks to its ability to hold a shape for longer than leather. It’s single layer and can be adjusted by four inches in three different sizes; Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

The all-important buckle is composed of 7075 structural aircraft Aluminum [4] prepared in an ISO 9001 environment. If it’s good enough for aircrafts, it’s definitely tough enough to withstand years of buckling and releasing, which is done via a 2-point system for enhanced safety.

PRICE: Around $30

PERFECT FOR: Recreational and professional shooters and law enforcement officers who work with firearms

Suited and booted

Ok, looks like you’re ready to head to Hollywood to start your new life as an LAPD cop. If that doesn’t sound ideal to you, don’t worry. All that cool gear is available to you as a civilian from the LAPG store.

Your feedback, corrections, angry or happy thoughts are welcome here.

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