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7 Most Durable Gaming Mice That Pro Gamers Love [2021 edition].

At a glance…

In our opinion, Finalmouse Ultralight 2 is the most durable gaming mouse. It’s the sixth most used mouse by Pro Gamers, but it’s hard-to-get (most of the time: sold out). Super light at only 47 grams (1.65 ounces), extremely durable, and it has excellent performance. It also has a 4-year warranty!

Since you probably won’t be able to find a Finalmouse, your best-value-for-money choice is a Logitech G703, a versatile gaming mouse with a high-performance optical sensor and high-quality mechanical switches – all these at a fair price for a gaming mouse.

Most Durable
FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town
Best Performance
Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse, Hero 16K...
Best Value
Logitech G703 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse...
FinalMouse Ultralight 2
Logitech G PRO Wireless
Logitech G703 Lightspeed
Rugged Ratings
Most Durable
FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town
FinalMouse Ultralight 2
Rugged Ratings
Best Performance
Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse, Hero 16K...
Logitech G PRO Wireless
Rugged Ratings
Best Value
Logitech G703 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse...
Logitech G703 Lightspeed
Rugged Ratings

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If there’s one thing you don’t want to skimp out on when it comes to your gaming rig, it’s the mouse. I know, we said the same about the headset. Although your gear should not be your top concern, quality equipment does make an impact, especially in ranked or competitive mode.

This is doubly true if you play mostly FPS games like Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex, or Valorant. Accuracy, latency, and even grip style could be the difference between a win or finishing the game with 0 kills in a high-skill lobby.

But gaming performance alone doesn’t cut it for us, or for the pro gamers out there, flying from country to country to compete in their respective leagues. Your equipment should also be robust and durable – able to survive a beating and live through many thousands of games without breaking down.

So, we’ve scoured the internet to try and discover the very best gaming mouse you can buy right now. But how did we decide what is ‘best’?

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In search for the Perfect Gaming Mouse

Everyone’s playstyle is different. But there are certain elements of mouse design, build, and features that make them stand out among the rest – offering you a genuine competitive advantage when it comes to online play.

Probably the quickest way to find out what ‘the best’ gaming mouse might be, is to look at the mice of choice amongst the top esports pro gamers. At the highest level of competition, equipment choice matters and can give us an indication of what the highest accuracy, most responsive gaming mouse is.

We just collected and consolidated the numbers from as an easy way for you to see what other professionals might be using.

Take a look at the below chart to see what is the most-used gaming mouse among top players in a selection of the most popular esports games right now.

most durable gaming mouse used by PRO gamers . pie-chart graph
Gaming Mouse used by Pro Gamers – Overall Chart | Data Gathered from | Charts created by Rugged Ratings

If you’re looking for mice charts breakdown by the most popular games right now, you can check this file here.

As with gaming keyboards, a mouse reads a range of different tactile inputs to send commands to the computer. These tactile inputs like clicks, mouse movement, and scrolling are read via mechanisms like sensors and button presses, and the technology used varies from product to product.

Here are a few of the main differentiators in gaming mouse design and features:


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Optical and Laser

This relates to the sensor underneath the mouse that tracks the cursor movement.

Optical mice use infrared or LED light and a light detector to understand movement relative to a surface and is the more accurate of the two, but less sensitive.

A laser mouse replaces the infrared/LED beam with an invisible laser one, which has a higher degree of sensitivity and therefore slightly less accuracy but can be used on more surfaces. 


CPI stands for ‘counts per inch’, which is a figure representing how many times a sensor reading is taken per inch of movement. It is sometimes referred to as ‘DPI’, meaning dots per inch, but measuring the same thing.

– Editor’s Note- A high DPI (over 1600) should not be a criterion when you’re looking to buy your gaming mouse. Keep in mind that most pro players use a DPI between 400 and 800. What matters most is your eDPI, which is your [mouse DPI] x [in-game sensitivity]. This is a very debated topic in the gaming world which can be found in more depth in this article from PcGamer.


IPS stands for ‘inches per second’, which represents the maximum speed of movement the mouse can go and still read counts.

A combination of high CPI and IPS is preferred in mice for better accuracy and tracking.

 Wired and Wireless

A traditional mouse features a wired connection to the computer, usually via USB, for connectivity. Wireless mice use Bluetooth connection to connect to the computer but are limited by battery life and sometimes a lower latency, which can result in slight input lag.


A gaming mouse is typically designed with ergonomic considerations in mind, and some designs are preferential for one of three different grip types – palm grip, claw grip, and fingertip grip.

So, we’ll generally be looking for wired or high-end wireless optical gaming mice with a high combined CPI and IPS and ergonomic shapes that suit the claw grip used by most gamers.

But that’s not all…


We’ll also be seeing how each mouse stacks up against the Rugged Ratings BIFL System to determine their durability, longevity, and consumer-friendliness. In gaming mice, that looks a little something like this:

  • Rugged – Durable materials, sturdy build quality, impact resistance.
  • Repairable – Replaceable clickers and buttons, generous warranties, satisfaction guarantees.
  • Upgradeable – Programmable button, macro buttons.
  • Multipurpose – Gaming, office and productivity, wired or wireless gaming mouse connection.

With that said, let’s begin!


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#BIFL Rating 75%
logitech g pro wireless gaming mouse image credit amazon com
Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse | Image Credit: Amazon com

Being made with and specifically for pro gamers, it’s no surprise that the Logitech G Pro Wireless is the clear #1 choice for the top players in today’s esports scene.

It is a surprise however that the #1 pick is wireless, which supposedly has lower latency than wired mice. However, thanks to Logitech’s proprietary ‘lightspeed’ wireless technology, this mouse can deliver a consistent 1ms report rate connection with zero lag.

The HERO 25k sensor [1] (high-efficiency rated optical) offers you a DPI of 25,600, which is the world’s first sub-micron-level sensor in a mouse. It can track flicks at speeds of over 400 IPS with no smoothing or filtering.


As for the durability of the mouse, it features an ‘endoskeleton’ design that offers structural resistance at a fairly lightweight of 80g. The mouse ‘feet’ are composed of PTFE (Teflon) material for minimal friction resistance. The buttons are mechanical, which is preferential for durability given their longer lifespan, and also programmable. Battery life is an important consideration in wireless mice, and this model can deliver 60 hours of use without RGB lighting, and 48 hours with.

Logitech offers a 2-year-limited hardware warranty for this mouse, which would be our minimum expectation at this fairly steep price point.

+ Great combination of high DPI and IPS Very expensive
+ Lightweight for quick movements 
+ Adequate battery life for wireless 

PERFECT FOR: A serious gamer looking for industry-leading accuracy and sensitivity who prefers a wireless connection type

Logitech G PRO Wireless Gaming Mouse, Hero 16K...
  • Made with and for Pro Gamers: Designed over two years with direct input from many professional...
  • Lightspeed Wireless: With pro-grade USB wireless performance, Lightspeed provides a rock-solid and...
  • Hero 16K Sensor: Pro Wireless Logitech G gaming mouse has the latest version of the Hero sensor; the...
  • Ultra-lightweight Engineering: Innovative endoskeleton design with an ultra-thin outer shell, gives...
  • Pro-engineered Design: Removable left and right-side buttons make PRO Wireless pc gaming mouse truly...

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Logitech G Pro X Superlight – A lighter G Pro Wireless

#BIFL Rating 80%
Logitech G PRO X Superlight Gaming Mouse | Image Credit: Amazon com
Logitech G PRO X Superlight Gaming Mouse | Image Credit: Amazon com

The G Pro X Superlight takes everything great about the G Pro X Wireless and stuffs it into a hyper-minimal design at an extremely lightweight of only 63g – a 25% reduction from the previous.  

You get the same lightspeed connectivity and 1ms response rate and the same HERO 25k sensors and >400 IPS reading. Unlike the G Pro Wireless, however, this model comes in two colorways – Black and White, with a few other important performance differentiators.


One of which is the difference in feet. The Superlight uses a large zero-additive PTFE material in the feet to offer a smoother, more fluid glide than the G Pro Wireless.

Additionally, probably thanks to the lack of RGB lighting, the Superlight offers a vastly superior 70 hrs of battery life. These features mean a bump-up in price, but it might be worth it depending on your average playtime and mouse surface.

+ Lightest on the list Very expensive
+ Fantastic battery life for wireless 
+ Two colorways 

PERFECT FOR: Money-no-object gamers who want a wireless, lightweight mouse without having to worry about battery life.

BenQ Zowie EC2 – Best for right-handed gamers

#BIFL Rating 70%
BenQ Zowie EC2 Mouse for Esports | Image Credit: Amazon com
BenQ Zowie EC2 Mouse for Esports | Image Credit: Amazon com

The Zowie EC2 is a masterclass in ergonomic gaming mouse design.

Specifically made for right-handed users, the EC2 comes in two size variations with a shape that complements the natural holding position of the right hand. The mouse is diagonally shaped with a lower concave profile over to the right side of the palm for maximum comfort in palm and claw grip positions – making it a great choice for a right-handed gaming experience.  

It uses a 3360 sensor, which is optical with a 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 DPI setting adjustment and an adjustable USB report rate of 125 / 500 / 1000 Hz.

This model is particularly popular among CS:GO players for its adjustable sensitivity configurations, quick and precise turning, as well as tactile clicks with a low actuation force.


The mouse is made from a fairly unexceptional plastic but should capably survive normal frequent use. It weighs 90g, which is the heaviest entry so far, with a generous cable length of 2m.

BenQ offers a 1-year limited hardware warranty for all gaming peripherals.

+ Specifically designed for right-handed users Not suitable for lefties
+ Ergonomic shape which suits palm and claw grips Reviews commonly point to an unnecessarily loud scroll wheel
+ Two sizes 

PERFECT FOR: Right-handed FPS gamers prioritizing grip comfort for longer sessions.

BenQ Zowie EC2 Ergonomic Gaming Mouse for Esports...
  • Made for Professional Esports Gamers: The EC series is the result of extensive ergonomics research...
  • Made to Fit Your Hand: Choose from two sizes to ensure a perfect fit, no matter your hand size
  • Designed for Competiton: The EC2’s cable is made from flexible rubber to help protect against...
  • Optimized for FPS Games: 3360 optical sensor with 4 levels of adjustable DPI (400/800/1600/3200)...
  • Customized Esports Performance: Driverless adjustable report rate (125/500/1000Hz) allows you to...

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Logitech G703 – Best for personalization

#BIFL Rating 80%
Logitech G703 Gaming Mouse | Image Credit: Amazon com
Logitech G703 Gaming Mouse | Image Credit: Amazon com

Sensing a theme here?

Thanks to their close relationship with esports and significant investment into sensor technology, Logitech are pretty much the top-dogs when it comes to gaming mice. And the Logitech G703 is another worthy entry to the Logitech mouse lineage.

As it’s a Logitech wireless mouse, you’ve got the same lightspeed connection for a seamless 1000hz report rate as well as the HERO 25k sensor. The key differences with this model come down to charging and weight.

The G703 is ‘Powerplay’ enabled, meaning it is compatible with the separately sold wireless charging mat. This means you can charge up while at rest and at play, effectively removing any downtime. It also comes with an optional 10g plate to add weight for those who prefer a heavier-feeling unit.


Given the Powerplay functionality, you would expect the natural battery life for this model to be limited, but that’s not the case. It can go for 35 hours of continuous use on a single charge with RGB lighting enabled and 60 hours without.

New metal-spring button tensioning poises the primary clickers to trigger with a lower actuation force. This is great for split-second reaction times, however, some users have reported phantom clicking after a year of so of extensive use. We love the fact that all 6 buttons are custom programmable, as well as the rubber side grips for enhanced control.

+ Powerplay-enabled wireless charging for zero downtime Potential issue with phantom clicking over extensive use
+ Optional 10g weight plate for personalization of playstyle Wireless charging mat sold separately
+ RGB lighting 

PERFECT FOR: Those looking for a highly personalizable wireless mouse.

Logitech G703 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse...
  • World’s No. 1 Best Selling Wireless Gaming Gear Brand - Based on independent aggregated sales data...
  • Power play wireless charging: never worry about your battery life again. Add the power play wireless...
  • Hero 25K sensor through a software update from G HUB, this upgrade is free to all players: our most...
  • Light speed wireless: Pro-level responsiveness and connectivity for long lasting, high performance...
  • Supreme comfort and quality: Brings together comfort, durability, and performance with comfortable...

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BenQ Zowie EC2-B Divina Edition – Like the EC2, but better

#BIFL Rating 70%
BenQ Zowie EC2-B Divina Edition | Image Credit: BenQ Zowie com
BenQ Zowie EC2-B Divina Edition | Image Credit: BenQ Zowie com

Upon seeing the bright powder pink and baby blue colors of the EC2-B Divina Edition, you could easily think aesthetics were the only update to the popular Zowie EC2 model mouse. But you’d be mistaken.

Aside from the daring new colors, the Divina Edition offers a few subtle but meaningful updates to the design, with the same ergonomic mouse profile that’s perfect for right-handed players, and the same 3360 sensor with adjustable DPI & report rate.

First, the number of feet has been halved from 4 to 2, which was a common complaint amongst EC2 users. The new feet are noticeably smoother and offer better glide for fast-paced, quick-turn games like Apex and Counter Strike. Additionally, the cable now tilts slightly upward to reduce drag, and is now made from a smoother rubber material.


As with the EC2, this wired gaming mouse is plug-and-play. This means it requires no additional software for compatibility, which makes it a great choice for LAN parties.

The Divina Edition is now glossy-coated instead of matte, which may pose a concern for those with particularly sweaty hands, but by all accounts offers great grip comfort for claw and palm grip styles.

+ Ergonomic design is great for larger hands New rubber cable material may pose a concern for long-term durability
+ Smoother feet pads for better glide 
+ Plug and play 

PERFECT FOR: Right-handed gamers prioritizing turn-speed for fast-paced FPS games like PUBG and Counter-Strike

Finalmouse Ultralight 2 – Best for smaller hands, super light, and extremely durable

#BIFL Rating 90%
Finalmouse Ultralight 2 | Image Credit: Finalmouse com
Finalmouse Ultralight 2 | Image Credit: Finalmouse com

Finalmouse tends to divide opinion within the gaming community.

With arguably terrible customer service, extremely limited product supply drops, and downright weird social media communications and business/customer interactions, it would be fair to avoid this company when searching for your new lightweight gaming mouse. But one thing can’t be denied – they make some of the most unique, high-quality gaming mice out there.

The Ultralight lives up to its name. Weighing in at 47 grams without the wire, it’s undoubtedly the lightest mouse money can buy. This is great for those with smaller hands who prefer a floatier movement style.

Its honeycomb-shell design helps with this, also increasing airflow through the mouse to avoid sweat buildup.

Like the Zowie models, the Ultralight features adjustable DPI at 400 / 800 / 1600 / 3200 via a button underneath the scroll wheel.


The most interesting aspect of this model is the customizability enabled with the addition of ‘infinity skins’. These are stain and sweat-resistant adhesive strips developed alongside 3M that can be stuck to the Ultralight to extend the width and height for greater comfort. You can add additional layers to match your grip size exactly, which is a great feature.

The cable is made from paracord for added durability, which we appreciate, and you are entitled to an impressive 4-year limited hardware warranty (good luck with your interactions with their support team, though).

As with any ‘limited supply run’ company, the prices are quite inflated at first point-of-sale, and downright ridiculous aftermarket. So, if you’re interested, stay on the lookout for the latest drops before they sell out, or consider buying pre-owned or refurbished.

+ Extremely lightweight design Extremely limited supply runs
+ Customizable with infinity skins Horrible customer service
+ Generous warranty 

PERFECT FOR: Those who want a truly unique mouse at a very lightweight.

FinalMouse Ultralight 2 Cape Town

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Razer Viper Ultimate – Best G Pro Wireless alternative

#BIFL Rating 85%
Razer Viper Ultimate | Image Credit: Amazon com
Razer Viper Ultimate | Image Credit: Amazon com

There’s a lot to love about the Logitech G Pro Wireless, including the battery life. But what if it was even better?

That’s what the Razer Viper Ultimate was built to be – a worthy competitor to the G Pro Wireless from a uniquely Razer-like perspective. So, you can expect ingenious gaming-specific details like Razer Chroma RGB lighting, 5 onboard memory profiles, and 8 programmable buttons.

The optical sensor delivers 20,000 DPI with 99.6 resolution accuracy at up to 650 IPS tracking speed. You don’t have to worry about latency either. Even though it’s wireless, ‘hyperspeed’ data protocol technology means that you can achieve industry-leading wireless connectivity and responsiveness.

The optical instead of mechanical switch button clicks also eliminate the possibility of accidental double-clicking.


The battery life is where the Razer Viper Ultimate truly shines. Enjoy 70 hours of gameplay with each charge, matching the Logitech G Pro Superlight, and recharge in style with the Razer Chroma-enabled charging dock.

At 74 grams, it’s also one of the lightest options in the wireless category. Finally, the 100% PTFE mouse feet allow for super slick movement on any surface.

+ Best-in-class battery life Less tactile button clicks due to optical design
+ Lightweight for wireless 
+ 8 8rogrammable buttons and on-board memory profiles 

PERFECT FOR: Those looking to complement their Razer peripheral family with an impressive wireless mouse experience.  

Most Durable Gaming Mouse used by PRO Gamers | Comparison

wdt_ID Brand/Model Rugged Ratings Type Weight Sensor Hand Notable Features Approx. Price
1 Logitech G Pro Wireless 75 Wireless 80g
HERO 25k Ambidextrous RGB lighting 180
2 Logitech G Pro X Superlight 80 Wireless 63g
HERO 25k Ambidextrous Lightweight design 185
3 Zowie EC2 70 Wired 90g
3360 Right-handed Ergonomic shape 70
4 Logitech G703 80 Wireless 95g
HERO 25k Ambidextrous Wireless charging capabilities 70
5 Zowie EC2-B Divina Edition 70 Wired 90g
3360 Right-handed Ergonomic shape 70
6 Finalmouse Ultralight 2 90 Wired 47g
3360 Ambidextrous Extremely lightweight
Customizable Infinity skins
7 Razer Viper Ultimate* 85 Wireless 74g
Razer Focus+ Optical Ambidextrous RGB lighting
exceptional battery life
Brand/Model Rugged Ratings Weight Hand Notable Features Approx. Price
– Editor’s Note- *Razer Viper Ultimate: it’s not in the top 6 most used mice by pro gamers. However, we include it on the list since it’s the editor’s all-time favorite.

Rugged Recommendations

What’s the best and most durable gaming mouse?

Taking into consideration the important factors of overall features, durability, and user-friendliness, it would be hard not to recommend the Finalmouse Ultralight 2. It’s ambidextrous and customizable to your grip style with infinity skins and playstyle with adjustable DPI. Though admittedly not all that great for larger hands. Add a list-topping 4-year warranty, you can’t really go wrong if you were lucky enough to get it at its initial selling price of $120. Having said that, availability is extremely low.

For a better deal, we would recommend the Logitech G703. Wireless charging is an innovative step in wireless mouse technology if you can afford the additional mat, and you’ll enjoy the same best-in-class sensor technology as the Logitech G Pro Wireless at a more reasonable price point. Programmable buttons and even customizable weight make this our top choice.

Gaming Girl with Headset | RUGGED RATINGS

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