The Most Durable Pocket Knives

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6 of the most rugged everyday carry pocket knives on the market, reviewed in 2021.

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At a glance…

In our opinion, the Californian blade manufacturer “Benchmade” has the most durable EDC pocket knife: Mini Griptilian. The quality steel blade, reliable locking mechanism, lifetime warranty, free sharpening service, and the knife degree of customization are just some of the points that make it our best pocket knife.

Most Durable Overall
Benchmade - Mini Griptilian 556-1 Knife,...
Durable & Versatile
CRKT M16-13ZLEK EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Law...
Best Materials
Zero Tolerance Sinkevich KVT Pocketknife; 3.4 Inch...
Benchmade - Mini Griptilian 557 -S30V
Zero Tolerance 0470
Rugged Ratings
Most Durable Overall
Benchmade - Mini Griptilian 556-1 Knife,...
Benchmade - Mini Griptilian 557 -S30V
Rugged Ratings
Durable & Versatile
CRKT M16-13ZLEK EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Law...
Rugged Ratings
Best Materials
Zero Tolerance Sinkevich KVT Pocketknife; 3.4 Inch...
Zero Tolerance 0470
Rugged Ratings

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4 Advantages of Carrying an everyday Pocket Knife

If you’re new to the pocket knife world, you’re likely to assume they’re only good as a weapon. The truth is, a durable stainless steel blade has a diverse set of uses. Before diving into the best folding knives, let’s go through why we may need one as an everyday carry (EDC).

Versatile Utility 

The most obvious purpose of any stainless steel blade is its sharp ability to cut. A compact pocket knife is reliable for many different cutting purposes–be it stray threads on your clothing, campfire steak, those incredibly frustrating plastic clamshell packages, or a simple amazon cardboard package. 

Spacial Convenience

Sure, we could agree that a pair of stainless steel scissors are perfect for cutting tags or knots. When going into the wilderness, you could certainly argue that you can bring your favorite set of kitchen tools, too. Need to open a package? A rusty old box cutter will do the trick. All those tools are well-suited–in fact, they’re more specialized for those purposes.

But then, of course, you’d find yourself weighed down with having to carry tons of extraneous stuff that will only complete a select group of tasks. So, would you rather lug around a heavy-packed toolbox/backpack or a durable steel blade EDC knife? 

EDC knives are more convenient to move with because they take up significantly less space yet complete most cutting tasks with ease. That way, you can stay mobile in the outdoors without compromising tactical utility—a win-win for the thrill-seeking adventurers out there.

Be Equipped for Emergencies

We don’t wish misfortune on you, but we all know that sometimes, catastrophe lurks. Roads may be slippery; there could be steep embankments, there may be a drunk driver, you could be tangled in wire–you get the point. 

EDC knives can be a life-saver for slicing through a stuck seatbelt or cut through shirt fabric to attend to the underlying wound in life-threatening situations.


If the situation calls for it, a pocket knife can be used as a defensive weapon. If you’re traveling at night or through a dangerous area, an EDC knife can tip the scales in your favor and ward off potential attackers. Hopefully, you won’t even need to use it because often, simply flashing your blade at the assailant does the trick. 

A stainless-steel blade pocket knife is an invaluable, multi-purpose tool that not only offers convenience but also carries the potential to save your own or someone else’s life.



Given their importance, selecting a knife that guarantees tough endurance is crucial. The rugged pocket knife market is vast, with some options purchasable for less than $10 and some for upwards of $500. 

There are a set of design principles that indicate actual durability and longevity regardless of the price. This article will take you through what it takes for a pocket knife to be genuinely durable and review the top finds from our extensive research.

This list will focus on rugged EDC pocket knives (everyday carry), and so we’ll highlight knives with a blade length of around 4 inches or shorter.

The Buy-it-for-life Standard for a Pocket Knife

As usual here on RuggedRatings, all our product entries are ultimately measured against our BIFL system. In the realm of pocket knives, that means knives that are…

  • Rugged – Features in place that enhance the knife’s overall durability, such as tough materials, corrosion resistance, and more
  • Repairable – Knives with extended or ideally lifetime warranties
  • Upgradable – Knives with additional pocket clips/carry pouches, blade sharpeners, or other accessories
  • Multipurpose – Knives with additional features such as glass-breakers, partially serrated edges, or anything else

Component Breakdown of EDC Knives

Pocket knives, sometimes referred to as folding knives, jack-knives, or pen-knives, are small, retractable blades designed for portability.

There are three critical components to rugged pocket knife design that, to some degree, determine the knife’s quality and durability and will therefore be our primary focus when assessing our picks.

The Blade Material

Firstly (and most importantly), there is the Blade. The material from which the blade is made is the deciding factor of its durability. In most cases, pocket knife blades are made from steel alloys with varying designs in shape, edges, points, and thicknesses. We will prioritize blades with good hardness, wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance, and edge-retention.

Pocket Knife Blade Type. Infographic
Most Durable Pocket Knife | Blade Types | Infographic | Rugged Ratings

Pocket Knife Materials: ease of sharpening, edge retention, corrosion resistance and material toughness. Infographic
Most Durable Pocket Knife | Material | Infographic | Rugged Ratings

The Handle

Then there is the Handle. In pocket knives, this is also the compartment where the folding knife is securely locked when the blade is retracted. It needs to be strong and impact-resistant, but also comfortable to grip and lightweight for maximum portability. Accordingly, we will be focussing primarily on metals and composite materials for this purpose.

Pocket Knife Handle Materials. Infographic
Most Durable Pocket Knife | Handle | Infographic | Rugged Ratings

The Lock Mechanism

Finally, we have the Locking Mechanism. This is the component that secures the blade in the retracted position when not in use. There are different categories of lock mechanisms, within which knife manufacturers have different proprietary locking systems. There is the:

  • Liner locks
  • Button locks
  • Frame locks
  • Lever locks
  • Back locks
  • Slip joint locks
  • Axis locks
  • Compression locks.

We will primarily be focusing on Lockback and Button locks for their hold strength and resistance to wear.

Pocket Knife Locking Mechanisms Infographic.
Most Durable Pocket Knife | Locking Mechanism | Infographic | Rugged Ratings

With that said, let’s begin with our search for the most durable pocket knives on the market today.

We’ll be grouping knives into three price-based categories:

  • $50 and under
  • $50 – $150
  • $150 +


The laws regarding the personal possession and carry of knives and blades vary between states and countries. Before purchasing a pocket knife or any other type of blade, ensure that you are acting in accordance with your local jurisdiction to avoid confiscation of your knife, fines, or arrest.



You don’t have to pay a premium price to get a long-standing, quality knife for your everyday tasks for years to come.

Knife aficionados will be familiar with Cold Steel, a company that produces every tactical product with a sharp edge imaginable. They’re determined innovators in the field who create several proprietary blade-related designs that, through their ingenuity, have become highly demandable in the industry.

Cold Steel Micro Recon 1

#BIFL Rating 65%
Cold Steel Micro Recon 1 | EDC Pocket Knife
Cold Steel Micro Recon 1 | Image Credit: Amazon com

The Micro Recon 1 is a great example of this.

Weight: It’s genuinely discreet at 1.12 ounces (32 grams)

Total knife length: 4.38” (11.13 cm) full length

Blade length: 2” (5.08 cm)

Aside from its compact size, it also has a keyring hold for maximizing portability and an easy-on-the-eye slate black color coating.


The blade is available in two-point variations – Tanto (high point with a flat edge suitable for piercing) and Spear (also pointed, but with a curved ‘belly’ suitable for slicing).

The blade itself is composed of Japanese AUS 8A steel [1], known for its good strength and corrosion resistance, but not for its ability to hold an edge as well as other materials.


The handle is a 2.38” (6cm) Griv-Ex, G-10.

The material is a glass-based epoxy resin laminate, which is exceptionally durable and essentially impervious to water.

As for ‘Griv-Ex’, this is Cold Steel’s way of denoting the outer grip layer of the handle, which is composed of the hardened, molded skin of the South African ‘Grivory’ reptile.

Locking Mechanism

The Micro Recon 1 uses Cold Steel’s gold-standard Tri-Ad ® system, which exists within the Lockback category of locking mechanisms.

The system utilizes a combination of features designed to resist the wear resulting from positive and negative pressures, securely holding up to 800 pounds of hanging weight, and even adjusting itself over time to adapt to wear by deepening its position in the lock channel.

PRICE: around $30+ from various sellers

PERFECT FOR: First-time knife owners looking for a durable general-use blade.

Cold Steel 27TDS Micro Recon 1 Spear Point, Black
490 Reviews
Cold Steel 27TDS Micro Recon 1 Spear Point, Black
  • Blade Thickness: 2.5 mm
  • Handle: Griv-Ex Style G-10
  • Overall Length: 4.38 Inch
  • Steel: Japanese AUS 8A Stainless Steel with black Tuff-Ex Coating
  • Pocket Clip: Stainless Pocket/Belt Clip

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Spyderco Ladybug 3

#BIFL Rating 80%
Spyderco Ladybug 3 | EDC Pocket Knife
Spyderco Ladybug 3 | Image Credit: Amazon com

Colorado-born blade pioneers at Spyderco also had a significant influence on the folding knife industry. They introduced one-handed opening, pocket clip handles, and serrated edges to the pocket knife world.

That legacy is continued in the Ladybug line of pocket-friendly blades.

Weight: Astonishingly light 0.6 ounces (17 grams) 

Total knife length: 4.37” (11cm) 

Blade length: 1.9” (4.8cm)

It also comes in a wide variety of colors and has a keyring attachment. With the compact size, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more portable, unassuming knife.


Like many of Spyderco’s knives, the Ladybug utilizes VG-10 steel [2], which has more chromium for better corrosion resistance, fantastic edge-retention capabilities, and great overall toughness.

It’s available in three shape variations:

  • PlainEdge (as it sounds)
  • Hawkbill (curved and serrated on the concave side for ‘pulling’ cuts)
  • SpyderEdge (two-step serration for 24% increase in surface area).


The handle is composed of tough fiberglass-reinforced nylon resin (FRN) as with many other EDC pocket knives, which contributes to the insane lightness of the blade.

Locking Mechanism

The Ladybug uses a typical Lockback style mechanism, which is sturdy and reliably safe, but prone to slight wear over longer periods. 

Overall, this knife is perfect for those looking for a rugged, BIFL EDC pocket knife for low-duty tasks such as opening mail, boxes etc. Its blade is durable and will remain sharp for a greater period than the Micro Recon 1, but beware of the Ladybug’s truly miniature size, it may not be suitable for the more ‘heavy-duty’ tasks.

PRICE: around $45+ from various sellers

PERFECT FOR: Those prioritizing small form-factor for use in everyday tasks.

Spyderco Ladybug 3 Signature Folding Knife with...
183 Reviews
Spyderco Ladybug 3 Signature Folding Knife with...
  • POCKET-FRIENDLY - One of Spyderco's smallest lightweight locking knives is the Ladybug. Small enough to...
  • CHOOSE THE BEST FOR YOU - Available with a choice of blade steels, handle colors, and edge...
  • LIGHT AND DURABLE - This Ladybug 3 handle is fabricated with Fiberglass Reinforced Nylon. FRN is a...
  • LOW FRICTION - This knife features a blade ground with flat bevels that extend from the spine all the way...
  • DEPENDABLE - If you are looking for control and precision, look no more. This knife features our...

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Everyday Knives Between $50 – $150

The knives in this category are a noticeable step up in quality from the lower price range, primarily through superior blade materials and locking mechanisms, while still being reasonably affordable for high-intensity gear.


#BIFL Rating 90%
CRKT M16 13ZLEK | EDC Pocket Knife
CRKT M16 13ZLEK | Image Credit: Amazon com

Legendary knifemaker Kit Carson’s collaborations with CRKT produced two highly renowned series of knives – the M16 and the M21, each one worth an entry.

Today, the M16 deserves the spotlight, given the newest features added to the 13ZLEK model.

Total knife length: 8.25” (21cm) 

Blade length: 3.38” (8.6cm)

It’s one of the longest on the list but still small enough to be considered handily portable.

In true homage to its designer, the 13ZLEK features a ‘Carson Flipper’, a smooth one-handed deployment design allowing for a quick-draw, which also acts as a blade guard when deployed.

The attached seatbelt cutter and tungsten carbide window breaker make this knife uniquely suited to various emergencies.


The blade is made from AUS 8 stainless steel, similar to the Micro Recon 1, which is formidable enough for everyday tasks and very easy to sharpen. Still, it has average corrosion resistance and slightly worse edge retention.

This model features a Spearpoint design with ‘triple-point’ serration on the knife belly – suitable for cutting through fibrous material and vegetation.


The handle is composed of glass-reinforced nylon and is designed with multiple holes to increase grip and reduce the overall weight to 3.7 oz (105 grams). It features a two-position pocket clip.

Locking Mechanism

The 13ZLEK uses a stainless-steel liner lock which, combined with CRKT’s AutoLAWKS feature, can turn the knife into a virtual ‘fixed’ blade.

PRICE: Around $90

PERFECT FOR: Tactical usage and versatile safety features

CRKT M16-13ZLEK EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Law...
126 Reviews
CRKT M16-13ZLEK EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Law...
  • Safe And Secure: Automated liner safety provides extra layer of lock security
  • Cutting Power: Triple Point serrations cut fibrous materials with ease
  • Emergency Rescue: Seat belt cutter and glass breaker included
  • Designed by Kit Carson in Vine Grove, Kentucky
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship, see company site for details

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Benchmade Mini Griptilian

#BIFL Rating 100%
Benchmade Mini Griptilian | EDC Pocket Knife
Benchmade Mini Griptilian | Image Credit: Amazon com

Precision parts, hand-made assembly. This is the promise of Californian blade maker Benchmade, and is also where the inspiration for the name originates.

The Mini Griptilian knife has been a fan-favorite for years, probably in part due to its vast customizability.

From the blade itself to the screws in the handle, every part is subject to material or color customization (at additional cost).

In its most compact form though, the blade Mini Griptilian represents an ultra-tough mid-range EDC option.

Weight: the 2.81 oz (approx 80 grams) 

Total knife length: 6.78” (17.2cm)

Blade length: 2.91” (7.4cm) 


The blade is composed of CPM-S30V stainless steel, which is arguably the greatest all-rounder knife material, with an optimum balance of edge retention and corrosion resistance thanks to the addition of vanadium carbides.

As standard, the blade is a plain drop-point, but you have the additional options of Tanto and Sheepsfoot (flat design to avoid accidental point-penetration), all three of which can be equipped with serrated edges on half of the blade’s surface.


The handle is composed of glass-filled nylon, a tough composite material that is rigid and has enhanced surface hardness.

G10 and Carbon Fibre handles are purchasable upgrade options.

Locking Mechanism

The Mini Griptilian uses Benchmade’s own ‘Axis Lock’ mechanism, which is operated via a spring-loaded bar that can be moved backward and forwards, locking and unlocking the blade in both the open and retracted positions.

It is known for its ambidextrous operation, reliable locking strength, and high ‘fidget factor.

With its premium materials, endless customization options, and additional support features such as the lifetime warranty and free sharpening service, the Mini Griptilian easily earns the maximum score from us: 100% BIFL Rating.

PRICE: around $130+

PERFECT FOR: Those looking for an ultra-tough and well-rounded knife that is easily operated with either hand.

Benchmade - Mini Griptilian 557 -S30V Knife,...
44 Reviews
Benchmade - Mini Griptilian 557 -S30V Knife,...
  • HIGH-QUALITY: The CPM-S30V stainless steel blade is extremely well-balanced, offering superb edge...
  • WELL-DESIGNED: Benchmen's AXIS lock is exceptionally strong and fully ambidextrous. The Mini Reptilian...
  • COMFORTABLE: The 557's smaller, lighter design and handle grips make it comfortable to hold, use and take...
  • VERSATILE: The Mini Reptilian 557's tango blade style is mostly tactical in nature but is versatile...
  • GUARANTEED FOR LIFE: Benchmade's limited Lifetime Warranty and LifeSharp Service keep your knife in the...

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Premium Everyday Knives Over $150

To our final price point, and in this category, there should be no exceptions and no compromise. Premium blade steels, lightweight portability, and smooth and effective operation.

Kershaw Launch 8

#BIFL Rating 70%
Kershaw Launch 8 | EDC Pocket Knife
Kershaw Launch 8 | Image Credit: Amazon com

Kershaw, the sister company to equally revered knife makers Zero Tolerance, has been producing high-end blades for close to 50 years, all made in the USA. They helped pioneer automatic deployment functionality in pocket knives, and the Launch series continues this convention.

Straying from the typical design style featured in this list, the Launch 8 is ‘Italian Stiletto’ inspired, with a long and slender form factor.

Weight: 2.4 oz (114 grams) 

Total knife length: the knife is pretty large, with a total length of 8.25” (7.4 cm), matching the CRKT 13ZLEK 

Blade length: 3.5” (8.9 cm)

It is automatically deployable via a push button.


The Launch 8 uses CPM 154 for the blade, high-end steel produced using a unique ‘particle metallurgy’ process, making it tougher and with better edge retention than its 154CM counterpart. It’s also corrosion and wear-resistant, and this model has a Spearpoint style with a plain edge.


The handle is made from anodized aluminum, which is reasonably tough but agreeably light and has carbon fiber inserts for a smooth feel on the grip.

Locking Mechanism

As an automatic knife, the lock utilizes a push-button design, where the blade is held by the tension created from a coiled spring, and released when the button is pushed.

It has powerful locking strength and forces the hand out of the blade’s path when pushing the button.

The button is also flush with the handle to prevent accidental pushing and is somewhat ambidextrous if you can operate it with the index finger of your left hand.

This knife is suitable for a variety of everyday tasks and even some heavy-duty cutting and slicing with its high-end blade material. Still, it is also particularly well-suited to self-defense applications, with its slim-profile and rapid automatic deployment.

PRICE: Around $160

PERFECT FOR: Those looking for a stylish, automatic EDC

Zero Tolerance 0470

#BIFL Rating 90%
Zero Tolerance 0470 | EDC Pocket Knife
Zero Tolerance 0470 | Image Credit: Amazon com

Finishing off the list on a strong note, we have the Zero Tolerance 0470.

Representing the height of premium knife design, this brand uses only the finest, most robust materials for every part of their knives. Every product is superbly finished with exacting detail in both form and function.

The 0470, whilst expensive, exemplifies everything you could want in a knife and more.

Weight: Coming in at a reasonable 3.2 oz (90 grams) 

Total blade length: with a 7.8” (19.8 cm)

Blade length: 3.4” (8.6 cm) blade, the 0470 is comfortably weighty with its solid construction.

It opens via a flipper mechanism with manual KVT ball bearings that match the speed and smoothness of an automatic.

It also has a reversible, right/left tip-up pocket clip.


The blade material is CPM-20CV, which is described as ‘ultra-premium’ for a few reasons. Formed through a powder metallurgy process, you get the combined benefit of extreme wear resistance and edge retention. Added Chromium also allows for a very high standard corrosion resistance.

It’s probably the finest blade steel on the list, and this model has it in a drop point, plain edge style.


The 0470 has a finely detailed Titanium handle, which is extremely strong and impact-resistant. It’s fitted with an exceptionally stylish marbled carbon fiber insert that is smooth to touch.

Locking Mechanism

A-Frame lock style, which has a slightly stronger hold than the Liner style, is used in this model.

It is also composed of Titanium which, in lock designs, is subject to wear due to the repeated motion but is countered in this design with a hardened steel lock bar insert.

Ignoring its core features and materials, the look and feel of this knife alone are enough to satisfy even non-knife users. When you consider its superior CPM-20CV blade material, suitable for almost any task you put in front of it, its tough titanium handle and smooth, ball-bearing assisted flipper opening, it’s hard to ignore this EDC knife.

PRICE: Around $260

PERFECT FOR: If you’re looking for the perfect cross-point of function, durability, and style with the budget to match, look no further.

Zero Tolerance Sinkevich KVT Pocketknife; 3.4 Inch...
  • Designed by Dmitry Sinkevich and precision-built by ZT, the 0460 is strikingly handsome, highly...
  • Unique marbled carbon fiber front insert is a dramatic new take on carbon fiber; instead of a “weave”...
  • KVT ball-bearing opening system and built-in flipper makes opening the knife easier, faster, and smoother
  • Lightweight titanium handle helps the 0470 weigh in at only 3. 2 oz. ; even with a substantial 3. 4-in....
  • Zero Tolerance knives are made in the USA with quality materials; ZT fit and finish is second to none;...

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Most Durable Pocket Knives | Comparison Table


Every one of our picks has been chosen especially for their ability to stay operational for years, or perhaps forever.

In that way, you can’t go wrong with any of the knives in this list, but a few certainly stand out for their dedication to longevity.

Earning the much-revered 100% score BIFL rating, Benchmade’s Mini Griptilian ticks every conceivable box for a price that doesn’t make your eyes water, making it our number one pick for the most durable EDC knife. Its blade steel has everything you could want in an EDC and more, and you can make the knife entirely your own with a wide set of blade variations, and near-complete customization (at additional cost) of everything else. Plus, we love the lifetime warranty and free sharpening service, further extending the lifespan of your purchase with good care.

If it’s a little short for your taste, you could consider shifting to the cheaper CRKT 13ZLEK. Its blade steel doesn’t match up to the big guys, but it’s a longer, tactical-looking flipper blade that is truly versatile with its emergency-oriented glass-breaker and seatbelt cutter features. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Most Durable Pocket Knife?
Benchmade Mini Griptilian is the most durable pocket EDC carry knife, according to Rugged Ratings. However, you can’t go wrong with either CRKT 13ZLEK or Zero Tolerance 0470.
Which is the best blade material for a Pocket Knife?
The best blade materials for pocket knives are CPM Family (20CV, S90V, and S110V), M390, ZDP-189, and Elmax.

What do you think? Do you have a different opinion on the Most Durable Pocket Knife? Be sure to share this article with anyone and everyone in the market for #BIFL durable knives. We regularly post guides similar to this one all about products that aim to last a lifetime, so stay posted if you agree with the Buy It For Life golden rule as much as we do.

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